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so i made this of my favorite ‘couple’ Zayanna <3

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zayn and harry have a thing where sometimes their eyes just flicker down to each other’s mouths


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Anonymous said: Top 5 Ziall moments?


1. "i just wanna make you smile, is that okay?" "yes, zayn, i love you" because first off, super supportive of zayn, niall is so surprised and pleased, AND THEN THEY SING TOGETHER? AND SHARE THROATY BOY-GIGGLES OF DELIGHT???? COOL OKAY. SURE

2. lovely sincere WHOLLY UNNECESSARY smooches

3. whatever the hell this was

4. MIRRORING. MATCHING. CAREFUL NOSE BOOP. “I’VE GOT A PROTECTION OVER HIM, LIKE HE’S MY LITTLE BRUVVAH.” every time i get to this part in THIS IS US my heart turns into a fist and i punch the sky


5. this is— i just— i can’t even with this grab-n-grind. this is actually probably one of my favorite 1D ship moments of all time tbh. aggressive niall is such a rare sighting but ugh look, what a gift

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AnnaSophia Robb attends the Samsung celebration of Milk Music and ADD52 on July 10, 2014 in Brooklyn City.

Filling a fan in on the World Cup semi-finals.

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